Posters are a great way to grab an audience’s attention. They can be used to advertise products and services or to publicize charity functions, arts and music festivals, concerts or any other event.

Posters have a variety of uses. There are a number of different benefits to utilizing them, especially in a trade show exhibit or convention. With the use of captivating and engaging posters, you can draw out a positive response from prospective clients and reassure the present clients as well. Exotic’s full color poster printing is fast, affordable and makes a huge impact. Whether you sell them or hand them out all over town, you’ll be sure to get noticed and make an unforgettable impression!

Industry Terms

1. 4/0: Full color one side
2. 4/1: Full color one side, one color other side
3. 4/4: Full color, 2 sides
4. Gloss: Coating has a shine, smooth finish, not suggested for writing on.
5. Matte: Coating is flat, no gloss – ability to write on this finish

Standard Pricing for Posters

Size Ink Finish 1000 2500 5000
Posters - 100LB Gloss Book
18 x 24 inch 4/0 Acqueous Coating $851.00 $1,410.00 $1,764.00
19 x 27 inch 4/0 Acqueous Coating $1,194.00 $1,569.00 $2,084.00
24 x 36 inch 4/0 Acqueous Coating $1,509.00 $2,594.00 $3,675.00
26 x 39 inch 4/0 Acqueous Coating $2,040.00 $2,753.00 $3,874.00
13 x 19 inch 4/0 Acqueous Coating $680.00 $1,079.00 $1,333.00

Please view our file specifications page for
more info. on how to send us files ready for print.

*Discount Printing

Large volume, gang run printing of quantities of 5,000 or more. Allow for plus or minus 10% color shift on these jobs, unless a color match proof is requested for an additional charge.

An over or underrun of 10% is standard acceptable trade practice, as is 1/8” over or under size when cutting.

Other options available:

1. Spot UV: Glossy coating on certain areas only
2. Silver Ink
3. PMS Match
4. Rounded Corners

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