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Installation by Exotic

Our team of experienced installers can take care of it for you, giving you that finished, professional look every time. Or, just follow the installation instructions we've provided here - we put together a few tips and tricks that have helped us out over the years to make the job a bit easier on you.

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Application Instructions:

A. Use 1” or 2” (2.5-5cm) strips of masking tape to position vinyl decal in proper registry (position). *You can place tape where ever you need to for positioning.

B. Apply horizontal tape hinge at the top of the vinyl decal.
Working the tape horizontally and applying the decal from top to bottom is the simplest. You can achieve the same desired results no matter which direction you work from.

C. Peel the liner half-way and bend it back to meet the edge of the pre-mask. Keep exposed adhesive off surface.

D. Spray adhesive with Rapid Tac.

NOTE: It’s best to start with the decals at the bottom. This lessens the chance of getting your other decals wet. Wetting can destroy the backing paper and make a mess of your decals and possibly ruin the decal.

E. Allow vinyl decal to drape. Always use firm squeegee pressure. Begin at top center. Pull down as far as half the squeegee’s width.
Then work from side-to-side using a sweeping motion while slightly overlapping each time. While applying side-to-side be sure to keep the squeegee angled outward. This pushes the air out from under the Vinyl.

If you stop squeegeeing, start back where the vinyl is already applied and continue the side-to-side motions.

NOTE: If you angle the squeegee inward you will create major air bubbles.

F. Remove liner entirely. Keep exposed adhesive off substrate. Spray Rapid Tac on substrate and adhesive area.

G. Allow vinyl decal to drape. Using firm initial squeegee pressure, continue at top center and work down and outward to each edge of mask. Reference section E.
H. Allow adhesive to bond about 15 to 30 minutes.

I. Remove premask at 180 degrees (pull back on itself). Spray mask with Rapid.
J. Re-squeegee entire Vinyl Decal.

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